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7 Philosophies of Education

At Southside Academy, we provide comprehensive support to our scholars through our 7 Philosophies of Education:

  1. Christ-centered.

  2. Classical style of learning.

  3. Fostering a love of learning.

  4. Commitment to a nurturing educational environment.

  5. Promoting love of history and cultures through purposeful storytelling and exposure.

  6. Creative classroom engagement.

  7. Focus on purpose, good choices and character development.

Schools implementing a similar model across the country demonstrate significant academic gains. At Hope Academy in Minneapolis, students perform 40% better on math and reading proficiency tests than their peers in local public schools. At Brookstone Schools in Charlotte, 95% of graduates meet or exceed North Carolina learning standards. A comparison of national norm-based achievement tests places Brookstone students in the top 30% of the country.


The Classical style of learning
acknowledges that children
naturally progress through stages
of learning. Classical curriculum is
designed to make the most of each
of three developmental stages: the
grammar stage, the logic (dialectic)
stage, and the rhetorical stage.

Classical Education


1st Grade


IMG_0463 (2).HEIC

Enrichment courses include art, PE, music, cooking, foreign language, and other courses to enrich our scholars academically, socially, physically and emotionally.

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