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Our School

Southside Academy is a new private, Christian school located at Peacemakers in South Rocky Mount, NC. We serve low-income families and scholars in grades K-1 in Rocky Mount and surrounding areas. We plan to add an additional grade level each year until 8th grade to continue allowing God to grow and expand us!

Jessica Levy
Interim Head of School

Jessica is a Speech-Language Pathologist, formerly a middle school English Language Arts teacher, who has over a decade of experience in education. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Maryland in Linguistics with a concentration in Grammar and Cognition. She completed her Master of Communication Disorders at University of South Carolina.

Jessica has experience with children preschool through high school with various needs, including speech sound production delays, stuttering, receptive and expressive language impairments, limited verbal or nonverbal communication, and feeding disorders. Jessica also has experience with adults with swallowing difficulties, memory/cognition impairment, and communication deficits due to stroke or brain injury. She has special interests in the areas of social language and alternative/augmentative communication, especially for children on the Autism spectrum and those with intellectual and cognitive disabilities. As the lead of the Assistive Technology Team in a local school district, Jessica works hard to make sure students have access to the equipment and training they need to get their voices heard.

Jessica is an ASHA certified and North Carolina licensed Speech Language Pathologist and also holds a North Carolina Teaching Certification. She is formally trained in implementation of Pragmatically Organized Dynamic Display (PODD) and Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) for people with complex communication needs.

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For most of the scholars we serve, educational access is hindered by economic disadvantage. Resources that support holistic development, such as rich vocabulary input, professionally-competitive skill development, mental health services, and opportunities and training for parental involvement are not readily available nor adequately tailored for scholars who come from under-resourced households.

At Southside Academy, we exist to foster hope in God by providing children with a remarkable, God-centered education that both challenges them and makes learning fun!


"BE Values"

In order to offer the highest quality of education for our scholars, it is crucial that we hold our staff, families and scholars to high expectations. These include, but are not limited to, the following "BE VALUES":

  • BE respectful of the learning environment.

  • BE open to new ideas and perspectives.

  • BE mindful of your role in your classroom, school, home and community.

  • BE present physically, mentally and spiritually each day.

  • BE a servant leader.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty & Staff


Jesse Lewis

Executive Director 


Jessica Levy

Interim - Head of School


Saya Parker

School Counselor/Social Worker


Rita Barrett

Administrative Assistant


Donna Clifton 

Office Manager


Dianna Pittman

Enrichment Teacher


Justice Holloway

Kindergarten Teacher


Renee Holloman

Kindergarten Teacher


Robin Cash

First Grade Teacher


Lori Strickland

Substitute Teacher


Joyce Hinnant

Janitorial Manager


Willie Robinson

Maintenance Manager

Join our team

Join Our Team!

Southside Academy provides a wonderful environment not only for children but also for the staff and faculty who make Southside Academy what it is!


Christ-centered Education
Small Class Sizes (12 or less)
Competitive Pay
Family-friendly hours
Supportive Environment

If you:

  • Have a strong faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • A passion for learning and the gift of teaching.

  • A love and calling to serve students.

Send your application and resume to Head of School, Jessica Levy here.

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