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Classical Education

The Classical style of learning acknowledges that children naturally progress through stages of learning. Classical curriculum is designed to make the most of each of three developmental stages: the grammar stage, the logic (dialectic) stage, and the rhetorical stage. We offer Enrichment courses which include art, PE, music, cooking, foreign language, and other courses to enrich our scholars academically, socially, physically and emotionally.



Math- Singapore 

Reading- Abeka


Benchmark Assessment

Math-Curriculum Base Measurement Assessment

Reading-  DIBELS 


Intervention Support


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At Southside Academy, we provide comprehensive support to our scholars year-round through our 7 Philosophies of Education:

  1. Christ-centered.

  2. Classical style of learning.

  3. Fostering a love of learning.

  4. Commitment to a nurturing educational environment.

  5. Promoting love of history and cultures through purposeful storytelling and exposure.

  6. Creative classroom engagement.

  7. Focus on purpose, good choices and character development.

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